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Wednesday, October 12, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News
Remember Ava? She is completed except for a tie and too long sleeves. I finally bit the bullet (it is the perfect weather to wear a cardie over a tank or tee right now).

I want the sleeves to be one inch shorter so I wove two life lines through the stitches and removed the yarn between. Using a needle, I grafted the two orange rows together (the yarn was not slippery so I did not put the stitches on knitting needles, just carefully pulled the life lines.

Sleeve one is done, I will do the other tonight. A simple blocking and the grafted stitches will be invisible to anyone else! Final product will be up later this week – hopefully with me in it.

These are my three wips. The Colinette yarns are the Mohair, Gilotti and Enigma. The pattern is an easy scallop shawl from one of their shawl/throws booklets. The pinwheel baby blanket pattern was a link from Jane. I have never made baby/toddler/children’s knits but my husband asked me to make a gift for a friend’s wife. I think he wants to brag that is was hand knit by me – ahhhhhhh.

These are the new additions (purchased with my 2 KnitWits take)to my spinning paraphernalia: a lazy kate with 3 extra bobbins. My wheel came with four bobbins but they are full and I cannot decide about singles versus 2 ply yarns so I added 3 more bobbins for a total of 7. Sandy, the lady who taught me to spin on a wheel, says 7 may not even be enough based on her experience. The flick is for a llama fleece that I processed and found that carding is not quite right for it. Carding removed too much of the natural curl. I have not tried the flick yet as it was just painted with a natural finish.

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