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Monday, November 07, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

On Saturday, I met my old assistant, Alison and one of my staff now, Tara, in Bridgeville for lunch at Peter’s Place. I went an hour early so I could go to Carol’s Needleworks.. I loved being out and about in the 70 degree plus weather.

Aren’t the sheep in her window cute? While killing my hour looking at all of the yarn and through pattern books, I talked with Carol. She is a lovely women, one who knows her mind and my favorite, very neat about her things. One of my favorite parts of her shop is Carol’s use of old furniture for display. A large desk with cubby holes, a dresser, a cupboard and other pieces were much homier than cubicles. Carol had a very tidy shop; each ball was just so and even skeins had been wound already into perfect balls. I bought buttons. One set for Sally Melvilles Purl Stitch pattern, Vision and a pair for an unknown cardigan-to-be. And one big perfect horn-like button. I was good about the yarn and only bought two balls of Adriafil’s Baroque Trends to make a simple scarf that Carol had in her shop. I am okay with spending $11.00 during a yarn freeze. There was no variegated that caught my eye; I still have the multi-directional in the back of my head. May be after the holidays I can justify it.

I tend to use kilt pins for heavier scarves, shawls, open cardies, etc. This one had single crochet across it to coordinate with the sweater. I plan to try making my own coordinates.

Where I went wrong was at TJ Maxx after lunch (where I saw the pin). Alison, Tara & I went purse shopping and it was fun!!! Each of us brought home a hand bag. The funny part is that Tara went onto another TJ Maxx and bought three more. While that sounds bad, hers were all on the clearance rack while mine was TJ’s full price. But I love hand bags. If you go into my kitchen pantry, my husband likes to point out there are more shelves of bags than food. I just say that I like to prepare fresh food, not packaged.

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