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Thursday, November 03, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

These are a small portion of my .Project Cards. I use them for notes, to attach yarn labels & my swatches. It is very helpful if I swatch, then do not make a project until a year or two (or three) later. I found I had a tendency to forget the size needle that I used, then was totally stuck doing another swatch. Plus the information is often useful down the road in ways you cannot imagine.

The same is true for spinning, so I have a spinning project card, also. Fiber does not always have labels, often look similar (especially the raw, un-dyed white wool) and memory fades. I like to use a mini-zip lock to put a fiber sample and later the home spun yarn. I am finding notes about spinning to be every bit as important as knitting notes. Perhaps more so, as knitting is easier for me to “read” than homespun. And the reality is that my memory isn’t what it used to be.

This little scarf (the ruler is a foot) still needs a pin; it is to go with my new winter, pale blue peacoat. It is my first project with Koigu KPPM; I have this yarn to make Charlotte (the lace shawl). I like the little fringes, each about little more than an inch long of a single strand. Fringe does not need to be “fluffy” tassels but can be quite sleek.

Last night a newbie to CranKnitters started a multi-directional scarf and let me knit a little to try the short rows. She was doing fine without me, but what a fun little knit. Now I understand the appeal of the pattern! Since I am only knitting from my stash, adding yarn to make this would be a total no-no right now

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