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Wednesday, November 02, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

This knit kit is from Anthropologie. While it is wildly expensive as a gift or kit, the cableknit carryall is a pretty neat pattern for a bag. I love receiving this catalogue as the photography is good; the clothing original and there is always something knit or crochet. The prices are a bit much for my taste, though I have shopped the store sales and come away with bargains.

In the holiday issue, there is a hooded cardie with crochet panels, but the waist, button bands, collar and most of the sleeve are knit. You do not see many combo patterns published; perhaps an untapped market?

I have my own knitting. I finished my Koigu KPPPM scarf with fringe, although the fringe needs a little evening. I am also almost done with a gift scarf made from the Wellness that I used to make Marilyn last year…using up leftover project stash is a good feeling. I had like 7 balls left and need a gift for my brother-n-law’s b-day. He likes cedar so I plan on getting him a bunch of wardrobe cedar items to go with the scarf. I am half way through my Colinette wrap and is it ever luxurious. But no photos so just this summary.

Looking in my archive, I used to be much more prolific of a blogger…definitely a rut, a stage or whatever. I had one slump before that I made it through, so this too shall pass. Anyhow, it is S & B at B & N tonight for the CranKnitters. Always a pick-me-up.

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