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Monday, January 16, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News
I am officially back from my hiatus. The Pittsburgh Secret Pals meet up last night was the blast I needed. I met Cheryl, Heather, Donna and Holly, each who rocked and there were my old CranKnitter buddies: Jane, Yvonee & Judy there. Also, there are now 25 blogs in the Pittsburgh Knitophiles web ring. This is an awesome region.
Proof I still knit. My third Sally Melville Einstein; gifted to mom on her 77th birthday (January 8, 2006). Made of Peruvian Highland Chunky Wool and completed in five short weeks.
Proof I still spin. Or at least someone made yarn from a animal fiber on my wheel. Bowie is the quality assurance inspector. It must smell yummy!
Proof I still do fiber arts. Today (MLK day) is the first I had off in 18 years. My company went from 7 to 11 official holidays. Yippee. The yarn was sale stuff from Y.U.---four skeins at three bucks a pop. All I remember is it is mohair and wool from England. I plan a mobius ring. The kool aid flavors were blue berry, cherry and lemon-lime. The colors are less crayon-ey and more rich in real life. And finally, an ode to me and my vices. This is was a lovely white wine from Spain. I do recommend it; not just because it is my name sake wine.

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