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Tuesday, January 24, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

I completed my stash inventory for the year to access my situation. Unlike those who calculate yardage; I prefer by Project. I did not count my leftover yarn from previous projects; just brand, new yarn.

And I might have missed a couple hidden away in places I forgot. I do that with chocolate also. It was great to find one perfect square of orange citrus dark chocolate last night in a drawer of cooking magazines between the diet mags.

Without counting my homespun, I have yarn to complete 64 projects. Well, may be 63, because I will finish the sleeves for my Tess Cardigan this week (Rowan #30, made of Yorkshire Tweed in a lovely dark red) and can take that one off the list. This is the list.

At least 36 yarn packets are for tops (cardies, tanks, pullovers). And there are about 6 serious shawls (Charlottes Web, Ene’s Scarf/Shawl, Folk Shawl and others). So only about 22 are minor projects or, that is, accessories. I must stop buying yarn and just knit; right?

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