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Thursday, February 02, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

CranKnitters was a good time last night with the ten of us in high spirits (with us that could be good or bad). We are also known by our alter egos, Cranky Knitters! I am psyched that Yvonne arranged to have stickers and magnets made for the group to order!

Koley is modeling a cropped bolero vest made by her Aunt Connie. I love this pattern and plan to go through my stash asap. Sorry about the red eyes! No time for photo editing.

Connie is the reason I am knitting the Cats Paws Shawl. It looks jumbled on the needles, I cannot wait to block it and see how it turns out. I am almost done seaming my cardie, Tess and will go through the button box tonight.

Last but not least: I won Yvonne’s contest; a random drawing of 20 participants who answer the question, “Who inspires your knitting”. And I never win anything unless you count Mark’s heart (some days I do and some I don’t). I did not snap the yarn but she did. See it here.

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