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Friday, February 03, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

I finished seaming Tess although I may tweak the sleeve a little. I tried Tess on last night and she fit PERFECT!!! I especially like the length of the sleeves and the amount of ease throughout the entire garment. No modeling shot until she is completely done.

Tess has set-in sleeves and I used two tucks spaced 3 inches apart and centered on the shoulder seam. One of the four tucks is a little off on the back from the seam, like I picked up a little extra sleeve fabric. Enough to annoy me, but it will just take less than 30 minutes to fix (the sleeves took 2 hours to set in by hand).

Then I went to the button box, actually an adorable tin, to “shop” for one button. There are flaks of purple in the red yarn, along with orange and another color (that eludes me at this moment).

I found several candidates but have not decided. I really want to use the fabric button that I bought in Princeton, NJ. It would work well since I am knitting a tee of KidSilk Haze in orange marmalade and this button would help mate the two garments. But the metal buttons are very handsome also...

I will adjust the sleeve first and then steam Tess. She required no blocking as the seed stitch in Yorkshire Tweed is a very firm fabric. The hem edge has a little wave that needs tamed. All of this should be easy over the weekend. I am going to a Super Bowl party on Sunday and really want to knit but do not think the other attendees will quit understand. This is somewhat of a dilemma because it is four hours without anything in my hands!!! And what if, God forbid, it does not go our way? And if I do something in garter, I can watch the TV and not look at the knitting...

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