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Saturday, March 11, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

I could say I was very good and only bought two skeins of yarn at Cast-On Cottage. If I stopped writing now, you would be fooled even though I have been truthful about the quantity of yarn. But since I see the locals have been on a yarn crawl and likely inflicted worse damage than I did in my meager travels…here is the full confession about these two skeins.

They are Lorna’ Lace…the first is Heaven, a mix of 90% Kid Mohair and 10% Nylon in a color called, Chino ($66)and is slightly verigated, although it is similar to the fur of Bowie (his nose to the left for comparison). There are 975 yards (7 oz.) of this confection along with a free shawl pattern on the inside of the label. The shop had it made up and it was at sweet little thing.

The second one is better than the first and the first was a honey. This is Helen’s Lace, a mix of 50% silk and 50% wool. There is a generous 1250 yards (4 oz.) and the same pattern on the inside label, except re-written slightly ($52). Both of the labels say they are #1 – Super Fine, but the Helen’s Lace shawl pattern which appears to be the same as the Heaven shawl pattern has been tweaked slightly. In any case, I knit a different pattern with this colorway called “Mixed Berries”.

I would have gone on to the two yarn shops recommended by a reader, but the Lenox Mall beckoned. I stocked up on my make-up – Nars and hit Anthropology. Overall, I was modest in my shopping as I usually do some damage at the Burberry there. I did have a few tremors and wanted to go out again, but I knit on my “I Do Shrug” and that seemed to calm the shopping jitters. It is like a candy store in Atlanta, there is every shop you could every want to be in.

Since returning home, I knit the first of two wristlets that I have been “commissioned” to do for a little sweetie. Actually is “will knit for food” considered a commission? I know someone who is knitting for roving. Barter is alive and well. The other will be done this weekend.

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