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Wednesday, March 29, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

I need to block. And to take better photos at home rather than rushed during lunch at the office. This is the Tie One On wrap from Knitty. It looks like a crumpled paper bag in its current state. On the body, it looks great. I am always amazed at clothing that changes that radically when draped on the body. I have knitted sleeveless tee with the same yarn embroidered on the front to pair this with. And a lime green Talbots blouse that I think it might work over for the office. I must block so I can wear it now; this is prime shawl/wrap/shrug weather. It is knit of Cascade Yarns Bollicine Sissi, a lace-weight mohair equivalent to Rowan KidSilk Haze. I like the variegated colors offered in this yarn line.

These are the front and back of Icey, a long sleeve tee from Rowan #30. As I am reminded by fellow CranKnitters, it is on #3 needles. I cannot face knitting two long sleeves right now and was going to put it in hibernation. There is no way I can knit that many stitches in time to wear it this spring. Unless….I knit short sleeves….to be considered. It is knit of KidSilk Haze in the color, marmalade.

While I ponder the sleeve situation, I swatched. Then, I cast on. This Shaker cardie from Rowan #25. Isn’t this stitch amazing? It is a four row repeat and two of those are purl stitch. It is made of Rowan 4 ply cotton. Oh, and the cast on is on #1 US and the body is on #2 US. It is just that the fabric you obtain from small needles is so beautiful. It looks less handmade and more like a designer piece. So the trade off for the time spent on hundreds to thousands of additional stitches is a garment not recognizable as hand knit…unless you are a knitter.

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