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Wednesday, March 01, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

I still need snaps of my FO’s but for now, here is a WIP (soon to be FO). This is the fourth Sally Melville Einstein “Coat” I have made. I like shaping it more like a cardigan. This one is for my niece who is a Petite’s size petite! I am making the child size 10-12 for her with adult size sleeves as the kids are too short. The previous Einsteins went to my mom and my sisters (Colleen & Corinne) and I have one more to make—for me! Fortunately it is a quick knit. The first one took six weeks, then I got it down to around four weeks. This one was started Saturday, February 18th and should be done this weekend. True it is a smaller size, but still---a cardie in two weeks!

These are the adorable buttons, dragonflys. The are a brass with a white rub. I think they compliment the tweedy green. I am being unselfish as I want them for my Einstein! I have not finished the sleeves yet, I plan to use a Nicky Epstein edging from one of her books for something different. Bonnie, my niece, does not want a collar so I want the sleeves to be unique.

Next week while I am in Atlanta for the Immunzation Conference, I plan to spend quality time at the Cast-On Cottage in Roswell. My friend/ex-boss, Barbara and I went there last time we were in GA. She will not be there next week, unfortunately, but I am to have dinner with Katherine, an ex-employee of my company who is a very chic and smart lady. Since she is bi-lingual in French, we are going to Atmosphere Bistro . A few years ago we went to Anis and I loved it so much, I usually go each time I am in town.

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I want to make an Einstein for my mom...will you help me? Which book it the pattern in?
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