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Monday, March 20, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

Long time no see: A photo of me in a FO! I wore my Anthropology-Inspired Capelet on Saturday and loved it with a tee and jeans. It is a much nicer pattern than the One Skein
Wonder as it has more details in construction, the tailoring is much nicer and it just fits better.

I suppose the pressure of using only one skein to make a shrug limited the OSW from the start. I saw another interpretation at Illanna’s blog entry of November 18th in two yarns (bulky lobster pot and my paper crane yarns) that is inspirational. This version looks like it was made of homespun and also it a different interpretation.

This is my bedside project, a feather and fan scarf on tiny bamboos. I tend to do only four rows at a time, so it will be a decorative feature for a long while. I like that the yarn matches the clay bowl. The yarn is a lovely merino lace weight from Artisan New Zealand in denim blues. The web site does not do the yarn justice; it is a delicate as a cob web and the color is perfect. This skein came from Otter Creek Store.

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