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Tuesday, April 18, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

I am wearing my new twin set composing of the Berocco Venus Shrug pattern and the Mission Falls Dee Tank pattern. The yarn is a total unknown. Both turned out perfect despite my not knowing yarn content, gauge, recommended needle size or any label information what-so-ever. If I had the information, I swear it would not have turned out as well…is it because the yarn was free and I was inspired?

In any case, I forgot my camera and I cannot take a photo of myself with my Palm. I will see if I can enlist anyone to take a photo this afternoon...done...this was taken on a PalmOne Zire 72s.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to decide on a vacation knitting project. After many deliberations, I weeded my choices down to two projects. I want something I could knit mindlessly to kill time (especially on the plane/in airport) yet still be engaged. A simple shawl pattern seemed in order…so it was either Clapotis or the Lornas Lace free pattern. Each had benefits as the Elizabeth Lavold yarn is a lovely silk-wool blend in gray and perfect to knit in the heat. But it needs straight needles and 18 yarn markers. Lornas Lace Heaven is mohair, but lace-weight. Plus the pattern only requires one marker and there is only one ball… a big-ass ball?. It is on circulars and has a little patterning: one yarn-over in a row, short rows and a little binding-off to shape. Otherwise it is garter stitch…perfect.

posted by Nora | 3:27 PM
No reason you need to use straight needles - I buried all of mine years ago. Plus, working flat knitting on a plane is much easier with a circ.
Great pic...awesome sweater set!
It looks so great on you Nora!

I see you're coming out now :->

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