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Wednesday, April 26, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

I have been in Arizona for the last week and found fiber fun---on Route 66, none-the-less. This tee is from Unraveled, a yarn shop in Flagstaff at 6 West Rt. 66 ( The logo says, “Get your knits on Route 66”, a take off on the original saying of “Get your kicks on Route 66.”

It is a sweet little shop with a couple of comfy couches in the middle. Conveniently, there was an Irish pub across the street where I parked Mark while I shopped.

The shop also had a small quantity of spinning supplies (Later, I will show and tell more.) One focal point in the spinning area was this spinning wheel that is made of a bicycle tire along with other bits and pieces.

We had a little scare that I lost the keys during this shopping expedition. After searching the store and dumping my purse twice, I found them at the bottom of my shopping bag. I was really excited about this adorable shop.

Not all of my Flagstaff visit was about fiber. Mark and I went the the Museum of Northern Arizona, an awesome place. I met Mary, a spinner, who worked in the book store. She directed me a Navoho trading post for authentic Navoho fiber supplies. More about my experiences with Navaho spinning and weaving later.

The museum had an awesome little trail to hike. We ate lunch at the Beaver Street Brewery, sitting outside with the snow covered mountain in the background, and had dinner at Jackson's Grill, a very elegant restaurant with filet that was 2" thick! After all of the walking, beer, food and wine, an overnight in Flagstaff was needed to recuperate before heading to the Grand Canyon.

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That bicycle wheel is rather stylish!
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