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Monday, April 10, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

I seamed my Icy tee which is actually a tank at the moment as it has no sleeves. I did re-write the pattern from long-sleeve to short-sleeve. Even so, this will not allow me enough knitting time to wear before the heat of summer is on. So I may wear it as is, then knit the sleeves for fall.

I finished my grape cotton shrug (pattern Berocco Venus) and have over 600 yards of the yarn left. I cast-on for a sleeveless tank from a Mission Falls book. On a smaller needle (US #7), I am able to get the gauge of the MF 1824 cotton which is, 18 stitches by 24 rows, of course. It will be a quick knit, maybe two weeks or a little longer. I knit for 2 ½ hours last night and finished 1/5th of the back. It will be very up-dated twin set that is really comfy. Of course, I love this yarn and have no idea what it is.

No photo of the shrug, yet. Last night, the boys had a cat fight on top of the cabinets until I yelled at them. Usually they take turns being up here. After my discipline, they settled down and watched me like hawks.

posted by Nora | 1:07 PM
The Icy Tee is gorgeous--and I love the idea of putting the sleeves on when after the heat has passed. And those cats...typical!
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