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Tuesday, May 23, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News
Since I finished the couch project, Lorna’s Lace Free and Easy Pie Shawl, I started a new endeavor. The pie shawl, which I have worn, still needs blocked. Actually, I may cast off the edge again as it is looser than the cast on edge. And I do not like the asymmetry of it.

My new project is a Dale of Norway tank top, knit in Svale. I actually had sage-colored yarn to knit the area which is now white. Actually the original colors were sage, black and pumpkin. There was no pumpkin when I shopped so I subbed gray.

Then I decided black, white and gray would be much sharper and I was right…I would have hated the sage with the black and gray. Plus I really wanted to use the turquoise colored beads against these colors, along with the silver beads. I love the results. Fortunately it is a quick knit so it should be done in 2 or 3 weeks. I plan to wear some of my silver and turquoise jewelry from vacation with it. My summer now has a theme…

To get the size 3 needles to knit the cast-on edge and trim, I had to borrow from a hibernating project, Ingeborg. I put yarn to place-hold the stitches and decided to try her on. One main reason she stalled is that I thought Inge was too small. I am absolutely delighted to say, she fits! And there is a nice ease to wear a top underneath, she fits very well. Ingeborg is my first major Fair Isle project.

Ingeborg will definitely go into knitting rotation after the tank. I would like to have her in my fall wardrobe! Ingeborg was started three years ago May, I believe and it is time to finish this one (just so I can buy yarn for another F.I.). Isn’t it stupid how road blocks of the mind can screech knitting to a dead stop? Inge would still be languishing on the needles if I did not know how well she did fit….

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Oooooh, I like!

Those are both AWESOME!
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