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Monday, May 01, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

This woman was weaving at the Grand Canyon Desert View Watch Tower, in the gift shop. The man working the cash registered shared she had been weaving since childhood and that he would love to have one of her rugs, but they are too precious (expensive) for him. A small sign asked for a donation prior to taking a picture. I actually spoke to a companion of the weaver, asking permission to take the photo of her…and while the weaver did not speak with me…she straightened and posed with the shuttle. I think it was a good vibe.

I also like her yarn basket…some things, like keeping your fiber & tools organized span cultures. I was memorized by her weaving…no pattern to follow…she just picked a spot and beat down the yarn with her little tool (a batt?), it looks very soothing.

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