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Friday, June 09, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

I am so behind in blogging. I still have my Great Lakes Fiber Festival debriefing to document because someday when I go back, I will want to remember my first time and everything I bought! And if it is all spun and knit up. I also have raw llama to show you…a gift from a reader and local knitter, Judi of Baden. Judi and I met on Monday at Yarns Unlimited and it was a pleasant break from work. And there are my knitting projects that keep rolling. My Dale of Norway tank is close to done but will still take a couple more weeks because I have a baby shower on June 26th. Although I do not normally knit baby stuff, it is our office manager who is a sweet-heart. So I dumped everything for a baby cabled cardie in ivory and sage with two matching hats. It is very fiber-hectic.

This is my buffalo roving. For the first time I am spinning woolen instead of worsted. The difference is in worsted, the fiber is all lined up side-by-side. In woolen they are every which way. I am doing this because the nature of the buffalo roving requires it as the fiber are pointing in random directions. I do not think you could card them into a line and in any case, I think it makes sense to listen to the fiber rather than whip it into shape. This does make a warmer yarn according to my spinning literature.

I am probably going ply for a bulky. Mark said he would wear a cap made of this yarn and since it will be warm, it fits with the fiber. Personally, I think his interest has something to do with the buffalo is big and strong and sheep/bunnies are small and sweet.

I am spinning it a Louet spindle which I love for two reasons. The first is it was made in Holland and since I am half Dutch, that is cool. The second is more obvious…the cute little sheep faces.

This is another cute face, the angora bunny Mark was holding. Can’t you imagine spinning or knitting that lovely fur?

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