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Thursday, June 01, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

It is a good thing Mark does not read my blog because I am sure he would not like this photo of him grimacing. I made him hold this Angora bunny belonging to Margaret of Sheephaven Hutchworks. She had the most beautiful French, German and Satin bunnies. When I retire, I want to get a loom and to raise bunnies. My way of getting Mark to go to these events with me is the threat of bringing home rabbits...if I am left to run amok alone.

The animals are such a draw at fiber events, I just love looking at the bunnies, llamas, alpacas and sheep. These sheep remind me of the Serta counting sheep with the numbers on their back. They are shorn for judging, so they are not as cuddly as other animals we saw, but I love how they paint the green numbers on the butts to identify each animal. Sorry about the butt shots, most of the sheep were very camera-shy. The barn was filled with baaa-ing noice.

The best part was this sign on the wall. While I know they are for the sheep owners, but I get this picture in my mind of sheep hanging from the ceiling…you know, Are they partying after hours and getting wild?

This is my second Bosworth, a Midi (36 gr/1.28 oz.) drop spindle made of Bloodwood. It spins even longer than the mini, especially if I roll it up my thigh. The roving is packaged adorably in a braid! This vendor also used plastic canisters filled with roving, it made a very neat presentation. This is a mix of wool and silk which will become lace-weight yarn. I left the labels at home, so I have info on the source right now…it was a Canadian company out of Nova Scotia, I think…

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