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Thursday, July 27, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

I am less than ten rows away from finishing the Flower Basket shawl! Hopefully, I will have it blocking this weekend so I can wear it to work next week. But that creates a dilemma; what to knit next? It will probably be another shawl. Yesterday I picked up a digital scale. I will use it in the kitchen to measure portions but it will probably get as much use weighing yarn and fiber. Last night I weighed a bit of lace weight yarn from an unmarked cone. Then I weighed the entire amount of yarn sans cone. And came up with something like 2,985 yds! I have a couple more unmarked cones and this is a great way to figure yardage.

In the meanwhile, Connie cleaned out her library and I started sorting through min. Here are our offerings for sale, all paper back unless noted. The prices are half of retail; postage is actual shipping; these are deals! I have included links where possible for more detailed descriptions and to demonstrate the great prices on these books!

You can calculate shipping here from my zip code of 16033 using Priority Mail. I have included the weight of the book in the description. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, I will be happy to meet you at a LYS to save postage.

The rules of engagement are explained afterwards.

Hard cover: Simple Chic Designer Knits, Super Quick! by Jil Eaton, originally $24.95. Yours for $12.50 (plus postage for 1 lb., 10 oz.)!

Yummy Yarns, 20+ Easy Projects Featuring Fun Novelty Yarns by Kathleen and Nick Greco, originally $19.95, yours for $10 (plus postage for 1 lb., 2 oz.)!

Hard cover: Better Homes and Gardens Afghans to Knit & Crochet, no price tag! A bargain at $1.00 (plus postage for 1 lb., 2 oz.)

SOLDAnnabel Fox, Windfall Collection, originally $19.95, yours for $10 (plus postage for 15 oz.). This is a publication by Rowan Yarns that is out-of-print. A decription is not available on the web. It was published in 1993 and Annabel’s designs have been included in the best of Rowan book. Similar to Rowan magazines in size, layout and designs (plus postage for 1 lb.)

SOLDThe Celtic Collection, Twenty-Five Knitwear Designs for Men and Women, by Alice Starmore, originally $19.95, yours for $10 (plus postage for 1 lb., 10 oz.). This is a real deal as it starts at $33 on the WEB!

The Knitter’s Gift, An Inspirational Bag of Words, Wisdom, and Craft by Bernadette Murphy, originally $12.96, yours for $4 (plus postage for 12 oz.). THIS IS A BARGAIN PRICE AS IT IS $4.99 ON THE WEB!

SOLDColorful Knitwear Design from Threads, originally $15.95, yours for $7.50 (plus postage for 14 oz.)

Desert Designs, 26 Knits by Aboriginal Artists, originally $19.95, yours for $10 (plus postage for 1 lb.)

Leisure Arts Presents FOREVER FAVORITES Fifty Years of Family Classics (1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970) , originally $19.95, yours for $10 ((plus postage for 1 lb.)

SOLD Rowan Knitting Magazine, Number 33, originally $19.95, yours for $10 (plus postage for 1.5 lbs.)

Now that you’ve seen the goods, here are the rules:
1. If you are interested, please send me an email; my address is on the right side bar.
2. Payment is by PayPal; a bank or personal check is acceptable. However, shipment will be held until check clears bank. If you are in the Pgh. Area and meeting me, cash is good.
3. Once I accept your offer, you have 48 hours to PayPal me or I must receive your check within five days. If you do not do so, the book goes to the next taker.
4. Prices are for USPS priority mail shipping based on my zip code of 16033 and your zipcode/zone in US and Canada only. Sorry, I am not shipping internationally.
5. I am not responsible for loss. I will insure your package, at an additional cost to you.
6. As a general rule, sales are on a first-come, first-serve basis, but I reserve the right to sell to whomever I wish. I will continue to take offeres until I receive payment, so do not be alarmed if the book is not marked sold immediately.
7. No returns, no refunds. If you have questions before you buy, contact me, so you can make an informed purchase.
8. Prices are non-negotiable and if you follow my links you will see the prices are less than on-line!
9. More books may be coming next week, stop back.
10. I will combine books into one shipment for you. Remember to add the weight of all books to obtain shipping cost. If you have difficulties with the postal calculator, email me with your zip and selections. I will calculate the costs for you. There is no handling or packaging charge!

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