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Monday, July 17, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News
Long time, no post…but I have FOs to show for it:

Dalegarden 132 Tank NR14 of Svale. The pattern was absolutely perfect! It is the most perfect garment I have ever knit! The colors are simply perfect! Knitting Knivarna!!!

This is the Anthropology-inspired shrug, a free net pattern. The yarn is a hand-dyed cotton from South America bought at the Knit Shoppe in Canonsburgh. This pattern was recently plagiarized in a print magazine…print designers are raping web designers who publish for free. Do they do it for the buck or the recognition? Sorry for my bitterness about this common occurrence; I generally try to keep my blog positive! I just see this happen too often; a side effect of reading too many blogs and too many mags.

Right now I am half way through Clapotis in Elizabeth Lavold’s Silk Wool and over half way through Flower Basket in Rose Briar yarn of merino and tencil. F.B. should be done in about 1 week! Keep in touch for more FOs.

posted by Nora | 5:17 PM
Wow - that tank is BEAUTIFUL. I love the colours and the shape is fantastic.
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