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Friday, July 21, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

TGIF! Especially since it is dress-down day and I have been waiting to wear my Dale of Norway tank with Banana Republic black crop pants! Mark said I looked like Eva from Desperate Housewifes (Longoria) which is a huge compliment as he thinks she is hot. We have a date tonight so he had better start with some sweet-nothings…especially since I am working today and he is not.

Clapotis is past the halfway point, actually close to the fourth section where the decrease rows begin. You will not notice any stitch markers as I am purling the stitch to be dropped. It makes the knitting go faster as you are not moving 18 markers between two needles on every row and putting them to the back or front of the needle to knit or purl. This pattern is good for knitting in a group of people because it is repeatable, thus so easy to memorize. Clapotis takes awhile as you are creating a large body of work. I cast on April 26th, although I mainly knit it at lunch and lately, at S&B. The fabric from Elizabeth Lavold’s silky wool is great; especially for summer. I would like to make it again though, in a variegated color because the ladders (dropped stitches) would really make multiple colors in a yarn jump out.

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