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Friday, August 04, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News
The weather is so nice, finally! Just in time for a family trip to Ligonier tomorrow to celebrate my sister’s birthday (she lives in Irwin). This also means a stop for me at Kathy’s Kreations. I hope to finish Clapotis during the ride tomorrow as I am on the decrease rows and since each gets smaller, they are whizzing by.

Since I do not have any in progress photos at the moment, here are a couple of unpublished ones courtesy of a few friends.

Fourth of July Knit Out in Salem, Ohio at Ember’s Camp (left to right: Connie, Judy and Ember)

A photo of Ember’s stash (courtesy of Ember)! I would not mind “shopping her closet” as it looks like Ember has quite a few goodies.

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