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Thursday, September 14, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News

Finally, a snap shot the Weaver’s Wool Mini Shawl with Connie edging #2. This one is made of Wool in the Woods Miss Mohair (3 balls / 200 yds. per ball). It took about 2 weeks since the pattern is now tattooed on my brain. Since the landscape shawl is driving me nuts…a bunch of avoidable stupid little errors. If it were more complex of a pattern I would be further ahead because I would pay more attention. Since it is intermediate, I keep thinking it is brainless or something.

Plus the 20% possum has short, little black fibers shedding, so that is a little messy. I think it will be fine after a nice blocking bath but I am sick of knitting it since I have probably frogged most of it at some point. The shawl itself is beautiful and that keeps me going. But I am afraid that I will be so sick of it, I will not wear it and gift it instead.

I could not keep Mick off the Weaver’s Shawl. He kept doing the “paw thing” and bunching it up in ecstasy. Since it is such a wearable, cuddly shawl, I agree with his feeling 100% and left him to bask in Mohair.

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