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Friday, November 03, 2006  

Today’s Fiber News
I have been knitting. I have made three watch caps for Mark and have yarn for a couple more. I have such a large selection of scarves for winter, so I thought he should have a wardrobe of hats.

Front with Shawl Tied

Front with Shawl Untied (It is really long!)

Back of Shawl

This is the Ruffles & Ridges Shawl (Fiber Trends pattern) made with the recommended yarn, JJ’s Montage Collection 8 ply, DK 100% wool from New Zealand. The color is Canterbury, a reddish-coral with grays, plums and blacks. It has extra long ties and is meant to wrap and tie in back. I have a plain black work dress that I intend to wear it with.

I am swatched for two new projects. I have four projects for the remainder of the year. 1.) Ingeborg’s 2nd sleeve (primary knit at work) that I hope to finish by the New Year. 2.) One Christmas gift: my 3rd mini weavers shawl in mohair…it should only take about 2 or 3 weeks as it is large needles, small in size and an easy knit.

3.) This is my swatch of Louet Sales Kid Mohair in Cinnamon. I plan to knit Icarus. I would like this by Christmas, but we shall see.

4.) This is my swatch for Oakley, an Intarsia cardigan from A Season’s Tale. It is made of Rowan Rowanspun 4 ply and is on # 1 & 2 needles. This project will probably carry over to January, no doubt. On the back, I will have 18 bundles or bobbins of yarn for the leaves. The base color is Swarm with Rumtoft and Sludge-colored leaves. Sp. Orange is used to embroider a vein on the leaf; I did not do that on my swatch as of yet. I love the tweedy colors of this yarn. I might mention, again, I love this book. I made two sweaters (Heather and Rose), have two WIPs now (Fife and Oakley) and yarn for yet one more (Isla). And I want yarn for Dunoon and then maybe I will be done. These are classic sweaters that have a unique romantic twist that makes them stand out.

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