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Saturday, January 20, 2007  

Today’s Fiber News

More FOs and not all of them!

This is one of my two 2007 FOs. The yarn was on a cone I bought Silver Brook and used about 975 yards. It really was an easy pattern if you paid enough attention. I have two shawls cast on right now, Incarus and Litla Dimun Shawls.
Pattern: Wool Peddler’s Shawl
Source: Folk Shawls
Manufacturer/Yarn: Jaggerspun/Maine Linc
Content: 100% Wool
Color: Red Pine
Details: 1540 yards
Cost: $22.00

This was a November 2006 FO, I think. My mom requested a tie headband as she misplaced a winter one she used in the cold. I raided my stash yarn and made it of leftovers.
Pattern: Headband
Source: one of the Stitch n’ Bitch books
Manufacturer/Yarn: Debbie Bliss/Cashmerino Aran
No band for details.

This was a November 2006 FO, also. It was my third Weaver’s Mini Shawl that I gifted to my niece, Bonnie at Christmas. I added a pretty stickpin. It was proportioned for her petite frame and she wears it with flair.
Pattern: Weaver’s Mini Shawl with my custom edging
Source: Free on Web
Manufacturer/Yarn : JJ’s Iron Pot Carding/Kaleidoscope
Content: 12 Ply Mohair
Color: 138
Details: 400 meters
Cost: $48.00

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