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Thursday, February 10, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

Actually it is today’s crochet news. I am having a great time single crocheting, double crocheting, etc. I did a granny square (all in one color) but it is too dark to photograph. I want to start another but for a project this time. Last night I played with crochet flowers. Why did I wait so long? I knew how to chain for years and years and could trim any sweater in a crochet edge. But now…I have the secret of going in different directions. Thank you for the encouragement Karen!!! And it is all about crochet right now according to Elle magazine.

I actually have knitting content – Einstein is finished --yippee– it just needs buttons and it can make its debut. This is well in advance of my sister’s March 21st birthday. This is a good thing, as I have to knit my niece a skull cap in black with pink skulls for her March 14th b-day. Tomorrow I plan a run to the LYS to lay in buttons and wool. Louis will probably be another week or so – I am thinking about shortening the sleeves slightly which means undoing seams. But it is going to be such a cool sweater, it must be perfect!

I continued working on Ebony and cast on at lunch today for a quick felted bag. I have about a half dozen pattern I want to make up out of my leftover wool stash. It is taking up too much room and I think I could do at least one bag a month…we shall see.

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