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Wednesday, June 30, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I went to Borders at lunch and could not believe that Family Circle Easy Knitting (Plus Crochet) Fall 2004 was on the stands. There are four poncho patterns that warranted my attention (are you reading, Karen?). I would also like to knit an Asian-inspired cardigan by I-Hwa Ho—it would suit up at work. Although I would not make them, the crochet patterns are fun in a retro way.

My big excitement last night was completing my first repeat on Ingeborg. That means I am 1/3 of the way done before I start the top shaping. To celebrate, I decided to start sewing the “hem” at the bottom. This was a fun thing to do and it makes such a finished look. I am simply going to love this cardie for work and probably will buy a top/bottom to match to make a full “suit’. Originally, my first rounds took 30 minutes, then it got to be around 15 plus. Now I can get one out in 10 to 12 minutes! This knitting is extraordinarily addictive. I think I will make it a goal to complete one fair isle each year for my wardrobe.

I have been translating my pattern so I can start my Phildar Onde top. Starting to knit might be a good idea as the translation is tough (for a non-French speaker). I now recognize all of the common knit terms. It is just the pattern has abbreviations and I do not know the entire word to look up on my translator. And the staff that works for me only speaks Spanish or Russian, no French.

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Monday, June 28, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

The first of three squares of the runner is finished (Linen Drape-Along). I also added rows to Ingeborg and as an easy to-go project, started the lace edge.

Most of my weekend was spent gardening or at the Ninth Annual Sewickley Garden Tour (over the last 9 years, over 80 Sewickley, PA area gardeners have shared their gardens, efforts and personal visions with over 5,500 visitors—including me about 7 or 8 times). This area is the most affluent in southwestern PA.

My sister and I go every year and we have several albums of photos. We had a nice time yesterday as the weather was perfect! This tour benefits the Pittsburgh Aids Task Force.

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Friday, June 25, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I returned to knitting Ingeborg which I had frogged and restarted. (My hotmail account has been plagued with spam and weird things…I no longer receive Ingeborg updates as a result. I can log onto Yahoo for the knit-along, but I preferred the emails.)

Now I am past the point of my frogging and have a rhythm. I hold both strands in my right hand wrapped around my pinkie with the base color on the finger next to my thumb and the secondary color on the middle finger. Then I throw. Many people worry about their technique or beat themselves up about how they knit. Not me. Since today is Friday, I will be Linen Draping Along.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

My anniversary roses are open and still pretty with pinkish-red tipping the creamy yellows.

I have always wanted to make Cheesylove and won the angora for it on E-bay a couple of years ago. For the background, I purchased Lambs Pride Cotton Fleece in black to stretch its “wear-ability” to the spring and autumn. Here is my yarn – I plan all pale pink hearts except for one red one over the left breast bone. Another recent Cheesylove can be found at this blog . (I just found it and do not know the name of this knitter. Check it out!)

Here is the
Harry Potter Scarf Yarn.jpg
. The scarlet and gold are for the Gryffindor house. It will be a while until I start these.

These ivory, tan and pale gray yarns are for a summer poncho. Remember my two Darryl Hannah scarves? I love the mixed media of yarns and want to make a loose summer poncho that is similar in size and shape to my rust Berroco Glace one, but with an open stitch. I also bought a ball of black Berroco Suede to make a cell phone cover for Mark, but did not snap it. There is a free pattern at Berroco I plan to use although I will need to remove the feminine accents (fringe galore).

This yarn came from Threadbear and is for the "Pull Kimono." One slight problem is the pattern is in French. I am using on-line translators and a French to English copy of the Album 406 Famille which features other patterns ala Phildar Onde.

I still have my Rowan 2003 subscription gift kit and do not plan to make it up. If I could think of another use for the yarn, I would, but I would rather have something else. Any trade offers?

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Monday, June 21, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I had a great four-day weekend. The only knitting I accomplished was my first sock! The toes just need finished…and I need to knit the 2nd sock.

At Kathy’s Kreations, I met the owner, Kathy. She was very helpful and had a great inventory. Apparently, she is also a designer (I think I have seen her work in a book…or somewhere…)

I would love to go back again…it is about an 1 ½ drive, but the town has lots of shops and restaurants and history. It will make a nice day trip. Since I spent my yarn allowance here, I did not go to the 2nd shop since I am not capable of just “window shopping” for yarn. The only way I keep to somewhat of a budget is just not to walk in. I had comments from Cindy that the other shop is lovely---dang it! I will show you my yarn purchases tomorrow – it was a nice haul.

A cute husband/knitting story:
Last week Mark was at our local Post Office when the clerk asked a customer what she was wrapping in a US Postal box. My husband said, “It looks like one of my wife’s scarves.” The lady wrapping asked if his wife was Nora and the two shared a good joke. She said to send me in anytime, because I spend more at the shop than I make on scarves. He said he already knew that. The really neat thing is the scarf was going to Utah! How cool is that?

I have been prepaid to knit two Harry Potter scarves for Christmas gifts. I charged $30 per scarf. It gives me plenty of time to figure out the details. This scarf is stripes done in the round and pressed flat with fringes. Since it is for two young kids that like soft yarn, I bought Reynolds Utopia.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I will be away until next Monday. Tomorrow, Mark and I are taking a Pennsylvania roadtrip and spending a romantic 15th Anniversary at the Mercersburg Inn. Along the way I plan to hit two new yarn stores: one in Ligonier and one in Chambersburg. Mark’s socks are going to be my knitting project, except on Friday when I work the Linen Drape Knit-Along.

This fashion page is from July 2004 Harpers Bazaar (page 86). I wish they had done it in color rather than black and white. The text says, “Sophisticated knit capes are the new cover-up—-Missoni’s version with geometric detail adds drama to the simple silk tank.” The cost of this cape? It is a mere $2,175.00 US. Knitters brought capes back to fashion, don’t you think?

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

It is my first sock cast-on! I love it already – although it may be due to the fact this sock is not for me. Making it for Mark seems to be more fun. Although I keep thinking about the great sock yarn I bought for me! It is black, white and grays.

Foxy with jacket:

I wore Foxy today with an ivory silk suit. I cannot find my ivory lace skirt I meant Foxy to go with – it is somewhere in the house. I have clothes in four rooms (five closets). Knitting garments that can go to work is becoming more important. Cardigans and tanks/shells seem the most practical items.

Foxy without jacket:

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Monday, June 14, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

After seeing a description of this Red Cross knitting kit at Bagatell’s blog, I had to get one. Dad (81 yrs. of age) and Uncle Pete (slightly younger) were in WWII and we have many family stories…the kit is great. I still have yet to take the plunge knitting socks, though there are two balls of sock yarn in the stash. I plan to make these for Mark, he keeps wanting more of my knits for himself.

This article was in a recent issue of W magazine. It reminds me exactly of the furry flip flop pattern . I am really going to have to pick up a pair of cheapies and enhance. The glitter gold is a great idea.

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Friday, June 11, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I started my Linen Drape Along, the gift with the Rowan subscription: a table runner. I am not crazy about knitting with this yarn, it splits and do not try to undo/reknit stitches, it is a pain. Additionally, this pattern uses the yarn doubled.

In its favor, the resulting fabric is most appropriate for a placemat or runner. Perhaps those using a single strand are having a different experience in their results. I do not think I personally would make a top or tank, but will like my mat. Good thing this is a TGIF-only project.

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Thursday, June 10, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Here she is: Iris! Disclaimer: This is a quickie shoot at work – the hair is frizzy as we have humid drizzle today. The fit is nice over light-weight summer items. For bulkier garments, going up a size would be needed – especially if I made Iris for winter in wool or wool blend. Iris is also an expensive little thing since she used five skeins of Rowan Calmer at $11.00 a pop (US currency). I adore Calmer, but need an inexpensive substitute if I want more Iris’ or a good sale. Here is a photo of two other ties for Iris (one is a wide, sheer ribbon and the other is cotton cording that is much like a leather cord).

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Iris is still blocking – Mick and Bowie are helping by lying on the towel to add weight. I picked up three possible ribbon closures for Iris. If I had not completed the eyelets, I might have used one of the clasps above. Since she took less than three weeks from start to finish, another Iris (or two) is in my future. I hope to find something in my stash though -- Rowan Calmer breaks the bank. Anyhow, the clasps will get used soon. I love the iron-on monograms and might put one on a cotton pull-over.

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Monday, June 07, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Almost, but not quite. Iris is looking really nice, but still needs:
• A knit row/cast off on the back of the neck to finish that edge;
• A little more blocking to make the front edge cooperate and lay flat; and
• A pretty ribbon, not one that makes it look like Halloween.

All of this will be taken care of tonight. A trip to the JoAnne Fabrics Superstore is in order on the way home from work. Later in the week, I will wear it to work and model the thing for those who are interested. I am anxious to see how it looks over summer tees and shells as well as sundresses...

You know I love ponchos, but you may not be aware I hanker after Charlotte’s Web. The Koigu KPPPM yarn (in reds and brights) is on my list to purchase but, I want to select it in person, not via the Net. Well, I have even more motivation after seeing this lovely Charlottes’ Web Ponchofied. What nice work! The traditional shawl is still for me – however, this is a wish list item.

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Friday, June 04, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Iris is done being knit! I will debut it on Monday. Mine has ¾ sleeve and is black. I will not get to a store for the tie I want right away, but am sure I can find a temporary closure.

I signed up for Alison’s Linen Drape Along (thanks to the suggestion of Eklectika) as I plan to work on the Rowan Runner on Fridays.

I also am swathing Frou Frou for this jacket-cardie. My frou frou is the #23 – brick. It looks a lot like the terra cotta of a clay pot, but is softer towards a coral.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I have been on a Rowan high. My membership kit came and the colors for the runner are perfect: a dark and medium blue that will match my everyday dishes (Pfaltzgraff Folk Art). Over the holiday weekend, I won two E-bay auctions for Rowan magazines number 15 & 16. I have every mag from 15 to 35 except 21. I wonder why 21 is so elusive? Most shops have 20 and some even have in the high teens. If any reader wants to sell their copy of Rowan 21; I would pay a reasonable mark-up.Right now I am bidding on 9 & 13. Don't bid against me! :-))

Iris is almost done; I have both sleeves knit to the armhole shaping and hope to finish today or tomorrow. Then it is just blocking, seaming and looking for a closing leather or ribbon tie. I frogged Ingeborg and started over…just a couple small problems but I decided not to live with them after all. It appears many Ingeborg knitters are either frogging and/or working slowly. Actually, it is extremely slow in the knitting ring, at least knit wise. There is a lot of other chit chat about non-knitting stuff.

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