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Wednesday, March 31, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I decided to focus on the Paton Hooded Cardie as it will make a great topper for the next couple months, then I will finish up Ava. Status on Paton: back & front left complete, right front is done to the armholes and should wrap up tonight. Then it is the pair of sleeves, hood and finishing. I would like to finish by April 16th, if possible – a very ambitious goal. Ava by May 15th, another ambitious goal. And then...

I signed up for the Ingeborg knit-along, as I think it will be a great way to tackle this pattern---with a support group. It will make a great “jacket” for my office as it does not look like it belongs on the weekend ski slops. I am doing a combo of black and white (rather than natural which is an off-white) with the woodberry red. In addition to this being my first Norwegian pattern with the steeks, my yarn is coming from Threadbears (my first time order)!

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Friday, March 26, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I saw this strip in a local paper and since ponchos are a hot knit item at the moment, thought you might enjoy:

“The poncho, a sort of blanket cloak with a hole in the middle for the head, originated in South America.”

“It takes its name from the material used. This is from South American Indian Language Araucanian-Pontho…”Fabric of Wool.”

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Thursday, March 25, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I had a short fling! With the Gelato scarf/shawl, I started flinging on Saturday and finished on Wednesday. A helpful hint if you plan to use this yarn: weaving the ends or knotting is NOT an option. I actually sewed the woven ends with a thread and needle (the recommendation of my LYS helper). This is one slippery yarn. It was even spring-like in Pittsburgh today. Do you think that is because I finished?

I picked up Knit ‘n Style today at lunch (Borders) because of an article about Knitting in Japan. This week, I just discovered a cute blog called Pink U! Rockin’ in Tokyo. I visited several new blogs this week since I had nice comments from new people. Visits were made to old friends, also.

Ava is languishing as I need to frog the sleeves; they are a bit too long. If I just get kick-started again, I can finish it within a couple of weeks. The 2nd piece of Paton’s hooded cardie is going nicely. All I need now is a 3rd small “instant grat” project and/or TGIF project. I have not posted last Friday’s TGIF; another D.H. scarf, half the size in crèmes and whites.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I spent half the weekend winding the skein of Gelato into a ball before starting my Spring Fling scarf/shawl. This yarn has a warning on the label that I wish I had heeded a bit better. It is the slipperiest damn yarn! And since I moved from the couch to the bed while winding, I created a giant tangle that ended up taking almost four hours to complete one (stinkin’) ball. To contain the ball which just wants to melt back into a pool of yarn, I used a baggie. (I have no yarn bras in the house—never had a need for one.) I cut a slit to pull the working strand out (this is an outer-pull yarn, not a center-pull). Then I secured the ball in the bag with a small hair band and continue to tighten as I knit to avoid the tangles. The resulting fabric is very glossy and has a bead-like texture. It is so pretty that I want to take a photo of the final outside instead any work-in-progress indoor shots.

Mick was sick this weekend and I stayed home Monday to take him to the vet. On Sunday I had a family birthday party. Mick loves parties and will sit on a chair and socialize; play with the presents, especially tissue and have a little ice cream. He stayed under the bed all day. Bowie stayed with him which is also unusual as they rarely nap together. Monday morning, Mark and I took turns holding him. Thankfully it is an upper respiratory infection with no secondary (serious) illness. Antibiotics should help. In this shot he is crying because he wants held (or does not want a picture while he is under the weather). Look at his feet, the front ones are looped over the back ones.

JoAnn Super Store hit again for some cheapie crochet hocks of various sizes and cute colors. They will be helpful for various trims and to pick up yarns of all weights.

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Friday, March 19, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Presenting Jo Sharp’s The Island Holiday---Chaise in Plymouth Yarn Stone Cotton! All that is needed is the ties at the keyhole.

I have used my mini knitting needle pin to close for the photo. I have less than two yards of yarn left and would not have that much without have shortened the sleeves by a dozen plus rows. Once again, I cut it too close. My new learning objective is to be better at making yarn substitutions in regards to the correct quantity in future projects. It is a very nerve-racking feeling; not the goal of knitting.

I wanted to wear Chaise today with an Ann Taylor skirt that matches beautifully (to the right in the photo), but I woke to snow this morning. This is the view going down my driveway this morning. The funny thing is, now the snow is melted, the skies are sunny and blue.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Over the weekend, I finished and delivered five scarves. You may find there is work to do after the knitting such as weaving in ends, pulling out eyelashes, printing and cutting “care cards” that say Knit by Nora, attaching said cards and overall making the finished product as professional as possible. I follow the guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission for labeling my knit work. Here is a quick look at Nora’s "Finishing School" (an Adobe file).

My Wellness arrived Friday and I finished Marilyn over the weekend. It was snowy enough to wear to work. Underneath I have a Banana Republic camisole in the same color. (It has a built in shelf bra). It allows for the shoulders to slip down and look nice still (sorry, no cheesy shot of this).

I also finished knitting Chaise last night and just need to sew the sleeves up and attached to the already finished bodice. So another FO to show this week! Having two completed projects and one very close (Ava) is a nice feeling. I plan to work on a couple Spring Fling quickies and then swatch up a few ideas for the next small gauge project.

Do you know the actress, Kylie Minogue? I don’t, but she has a sweet little black shrug on over a sexy number.

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Friday, March 12, 2004  

Big Knitting News
At least to me, it is BIG. I was checking out new blogs and found a perky blue poppy made by Keri at: Knitaholic! I am so psyched – a great way to end my week. This is just the encouragement I needed to tackle my next design project.

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Today’s Knitting News

I knocked off three of five scarves yesterday. It is automatic pilot knitting, not very blog worthy.

Odd Balls

I have dozens of odd balls. Where do they come from? Certainly many are leftovers but others arrived with orders as “try and buy” balls. Some have been sent unexpectedly in trades. And others I have actually bought just to try. But I swear, like Tribles, some have been just appeared!

Sometimes I think, “What in the world will I ever do with these odd balls? They just suck up space for important yarn.”

But once in a while a pattern requiring small amounts of yarn just hits you in the face. Like the Beach Beanies in the Spring 2004 Knitter’s. This is the only pattern I was interested in actually knitting in this issue. It looks like a crochet cap, but is knit with clever yarnovers that wind around the cap. Using a light weight yarn , I found the perfect odd ball in my collection – it is Rowan Wool Cotton in a true blue. It was an odd ball with a e-bay purchase of another yarn I wanted. And perfect for a TGIF project. If I had not decided to do the Gelato shoulder shawl for my Spring Fling, this would be it. How about two flings?!

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Thursday, March 11, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I finished the back of the Paton Cabled Hoodie last night. Today and tomorrow, I have five scarves to knit up for Saturday delivery (one done as of lunch and two can be knocked off tonight during Survivor and CSI).

Although I have temporarily sworn off knit-alongs as to follow my own lead, so to speak, Alison's Spring Fling is irresistible. Why? Because the item can be anything Springy! So that can fit with my weekly TGIF project, a “Knit Light” item. I have the most beautiful hand-dyed yarn called Gelato by Fiesta Yarns, New Mexico. It is an appropriate color called “Caribbean” which is blues and greens that look water-colored.

For the last year, the skein has hung on the wall in our TV room; it is that pretty.

My Spring Fling project is a simple shoulder scarf with a nice “cup shaping” on the back instead of a point/triangle effect.

I have three projects near completion: Ava (needs a front right panel), Chaise (needs two ¾ sleeves) and Marilyn (waiting for additional yarn). The Paton project is in early stages. Plus I have Dune hibernating (completed back and one front to neckline). After the scarves, I will finish Chaise because I want to wear it next Friday (3/19) on our work casual day with a cute skirt that I bought to match. Then Ava cause it is so close. Once these two are done, I will pick another small gauge project.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

This is a child’s mobile, but I want one! It can be found at Zipper Gifts .

I have finished Ava’s sleeves last night and I just have the other front piece to knit! Unfortunately, a scarf order came in on Saturday for this Saturday (five scarves). So, I doubt I will get much personal knitting accomplished.

I spent my profit already today during my trip to my LYS to buy the yarn. Here are the color combinations for the triangles:

And here is the stuff for me!

I picked up two magazines, Dalegarn nr 26 and a 2nd large clear tote bag. I plan to get yarn for and make Ingeborg, one of the few sweaters of this ilk that fits my taste and lifestyle. Since it is a dressy cardie it will work at the office well. And the colors (black, gray, red and natural) are my work palette.
On the wishlist is yarn for this project:

The white yarn is slated for a second Daryl Hannah scarf and the black/white Stacy Charles is for my own triangle scarf. They were low on eyelashes today so I am waiting to find a perfect match rather than make do. The first DH I made is off-whites and tans (below). It looks great over a London Fog trench coat although it is draped between the two pictures in my office. The scarf matches perfectly!

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Friday, March 05, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I started my Paton cabled, hoodie and could not stop. This is 5 ½” of ribbing and the 30 row cable pattern. This yarn is very amazing – I give it the springiest yarn award. The strand is collapses when knitting like it is filled with air and springs to life to make a very curly fabric. Blocking will be an essential part of finishing.

Knitting this pattern makes me lust over its sister cardigan that has been named the “Must Have” cardie around the ring. It is on my list in the future but not as part of the knit along. Since I have created my own project list, I plan to follow my own drummer although there are several patterns others have done or are planning that I also want to knit (Birch, Interweave’s Homespun pants, Must Have Cardie, etc.)

Plenty of knitting time tomorrow as my dad’s last first cousin passed (he is 81 years of age and she was 94 yrs.) My two sisters and I are taking the parents for the funeral tomorrow.

Tonight with Mark is DVD (his choosing) so I will get about 2 hours of knitting. It is also Pina Colada night for me (Mark prefers Cuba Libras).

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Thank you for the kind offers to help locate Marilyn’s yarn, especially Alissa who went above and beyond. A New Jersey yarn store, Yarn Crafters I found on-line is sending me plenty to finish. The funny thing is the sweater now costs more than if I had used the recommended yarn – I started with Wellness as it was in a sale bin. But I do like the color, texture and resulting fabric.

While I am waiting for Wellness, I plan to continue my Paton cabled hoodie in the evenings and Ava during lunches. Last night I worked on last Friday’s TGIF project, a scarf from Celebrity Knits. FYI, the yarns in the D.H. scarf are:
· Schulana Zigane (the yarn has ribbons that look like torn linen) in two colors (It is very Robert Cavelli looking – I would love a tank made of it.),
· Mission Falls 1824 Cotton,
· Rowan Cotton Tape,
· Adrienne Vittadini Samantha and
· Leftover Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

I am really in the mood to cast on and finish the sleeves for Chaise – they may be this week’s TGIF project instead of a quickie knit. The body is seamed and finished, it just needs two ¾ sleeves. The weather is just right to start wearing this top.

In the last week, I received both the Spring 2004 Ram Wools and the 2004 Patternworks catalogues. There is an original design Textured Tee Shirt by Ram Wools that I like using Patons Grace, a 100% cotton. Patternworks has a nice inventory and a book I have not seen before: Norsk Strikkedesign by Margaretha Finseth with 24 patterns from Norwegian designers. Both are free, have glossy color pictures and can inspire your knitting.

As there are no new knitting photos, I will leave you with the boys taking a nap.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

My LYS does not have any yarn left for Marilyn. I do not like the owner of my LSY right now for a couple of reasons. The sales staff is lovely, but the store is in the most affluent area of Pittsburgh with enough customers to pay full retail. The owner donated the Wellness and could not say to who as there were three recipients. She also had no sympathy whatsoever. I guess a tax deduction is better than a sale. But in her favor, there is a wide and wonderful inventory in a small cozy storefront.

I learned Zitron (Skacel), a German yarn company makes my Wellness yarn (after reading the label closely), not Gedifra. I was thinking this was a chunky Gedifra Wellness. That is the problem of blogging from work; I rely on my memory.

Googling for this yarn has told me several things, nothing I want to hear:
· It was a Spring 2002 yarn/color,
· Not many or any US yarn shops have it; I have been looking in Canada, and
· It would take numerous emails to dozens of stores to track it down as it is not available from an online store.

I swatched, then cast on my Paton Cabled Hoodie to cheer myself up last night. And my gauge was perfect. Today at lunch, I got rolling on Ava’s sleeves. I will probably head to the yarn shop later this week to maul over options for the neckline of Marilyn. I do not know whether to:
· Use a complimentary yarn/color to finish as is,
· Get a furry or novelty yarn to make a chunky style cowl, or
· Go for a romantic look and use mohair to make a fluffy ruffle.
I plan to look through my Rowan collection for inspiration, then let the yarn guide me.

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Monday, March 01, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Does she or doesn’t she?

Simply Marilyn (Spring 2004 Interweave Knits) doesn’t have enough yarn to finish the neckline. My LYS does not open until Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. and the yarn was discontinued sale yarn. I am mentally prepared in the event there is no more. There are two options: make a furry band or a ruffled trim in place of the ribbed neck. I would use a contrasting color, like chocolate brown. I am open to opinions, other options and/or suggestions, just in case.

My TGIF project was a spring scarf ala (yes, horrors of knitting horrors) Daryl Hannah. A lightweight cotton confection, it will be perfect for those days when it is between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

I feed the stash last week when my Paton yarn arrived for the cabled hoodie, which will be started probably next week. I also found some Rowan York DK Tweed for a cardie from Rowan #25. It is not on my list and will languish until next winter.

I had broke a Brittany needle (#& US 10”) over Christmas and although I bought a new set, later decided to see if the replacement policy was good. Although it took 4 to 6 weeks, here is the new needle. Clever packaging, an old paper towel rim.

I finished the intarsia part of Ava today at lunch on both sleeves. Now it will be smooth and hopefully quick knitting. Only the front right remains to be knit.

And last, but not least, I am excited to see the first issue of MagKnits has been published. It is a really great first effort and can only improve. Kerrie has done a wonderful job, as have all the contributors. We can NEVER have enough knitting publications. While all things may not appeal to all knitters, the more choices the better. And you might want to choose a perky Poppy pin by me! Yes, I am actually in there -- can't believe it myself.

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